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“First, there is the desire—a person’s desire to physically transform. Then, there is the connection, the partnership. I learn about that person; create a plan for meeting his or her goals; and we embark on the journey, together. I make it my passion, commitment and duty to follow through with my clients to meet their goals. We address mind, body and soul. We have fun. We work out at beautiful resorts and run or walk along the ocean. We reach milestones. I watch as my clients become healthier, fitter and more beautiful. I help them find that passion to make working out a daily routine and give them the tools they need to go on without me. That’s real success.”    —Latty Hawkes

Latty Hawkes has the credentials to qualify as a top personal trainer.

A fitness expert and personal trainer for 23 years, Latty has worked at popular U.S. health clubs in California and Florida, including 24-hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Western Athletic Clubs, Wellbridge and Life Time Fitness. In recent years, Latty has worked with more than 100 clients, one-on-one, helping them to lose well over 1,000 pounds. She has worked with thousands of clients throughout her career.

Latty holds important personal training certifications, including: the National Association of Sports Medicine, American Fitness Association of America and American College of Sports Medicine.

Born in Morocco and raised in France, Latty moved to the U.S. in 1987. It was then that she started on her journey to optimum fitness and wellness. She transformed her body and learned to help others do the same. She gained invaluable experience teaching the spectrum of exercise types—from aerobics to strength and functional training.

Latty knows how to inspire groups of people as large as 150, as well as how to guide individual clients for six months to a year in their transformations. She organizes luxurious fitness getaways, as well as employee wellness programs. For a full list of services Latty provides, click here.

As a 50-year-old, Latty understands the many changes women go through—hormonally, physically and mentally. She specializes in helping women in their 40s, 50s and 60s regain their health, looks, youthfulness and energy.

All in all, Latty is more than a personal trainer. She is a role model, motivator, fitness expert and woman committed to helping others.

Latty lives in Boca Raton. In addition to being passionate about her work, Latty enjoys traveling and charitable activities. Her favorite charities: Home Safe and Best Foot Forward, a foster care foundation.






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