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Welcome to you new life.

Whether you want to transform your body, lose weight or gain confidence and wellness, Latty Hawkes is your partner in change.

She’s more than a personal trainer. Latty Hawkes is a teacher, role model, fitness expert, trusted partner and friend. Together, you’ll achieve your weight, fitness and wellness goals. And when you do, Latty will have done her work, leaving you with the tools you need to maintain the new, beautiful you.

With her devoted guidance, 23 years’ experience in fitness and wellness and commitment to your success, you’ll see the pounds fade, your body take shape and your inner beauty emerge.

This is no ordinary personal trainer-client relationship. For Latty, her work is her passion.

Personal training, functional exercise, nutritional guidance, goal setting (and achieving) and overall wellness counseling is but part of your journey with Latty. Together, you’ll also gain understanding and trust, in order to breakdown and overcome any emotional and physical barriers to wellness.

You’ll transform and rejuvenate—no matter what your age, weight or health status.

So, take a good look in the mirror--at the person you are today. Imagine what you want to accomplish physically (inside and out) and contact Latty Hawkes… today.


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